About Me

Carolina Capellari Simon Nutritionist has 11 years of clinical practice, providing scientific evidence-based and individualised nutritional advice to her clients. Served as a clinical dietitian (Hospital de Clínicas - Joint Commission International Accredited hospital - Brazil) with intensive care patients in the departments of Paediatrics and Obstetrics, developing her expertise and an impeccable reputation. Her experience includes weight loss and obesity treatment, child nutrition, pregnancy nutrition and sports nutrition. With a humanized approach, considering all aspects of the patient's life, have helped over the years hundreds of patients to have a better relationship with food in a realistic, lasting and consistent way. Carolina offers a cutting-edge technology equipment in terms of body composition analysis, combined with tailored protocols to help you to reach your goals. Passionate about Public Health, she holds a BSc Nutrition and Dietetics, PGDip in Public Health and Clinical Nutrition and Pathologies, CPD Course on General Paediatrics - HCPA (Joint Commission International Accredited hospital in Brazil. Carolina is also CISSN Certified and Registered with CRN2 (Brazil), FNTP and GRCCT (UK - fully insured). Carolina see her patients face to face in Harley Street, central London (UK), also offers online consults for patients in several countries such as: Australia, Canada, Dubai, Qatar, Switzerland, USA and more.

Picture of Carolina Capellari Simon