Ate a lot over the weekend? Tips to get back to routine

Posted on by Carolina Capellari Simon

Ate a lot over the weekend? Tips to get back to routine

Monday is the official day of the diet and we know that a lot of people overdo it and get desperate to get back to their routine. The ideal is to establish long-term changes and improve your relationship with food so as not to get into this instability and always overdo it on weekends.

Reinforce these habits during the week and on weekends:

Eat fruits and vegetables
these foods are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and have a high nutritional density (many nutrients and fewer calories per serving;

Drink lots of water
Water is responsible for all the physiological processes of the body, improves digestion, intestinal function, helps to improve satiety;

Move yourself
Physical activity, even if not so intense, improves metabolism, circulation, prevents hundreds of diseases and improves your mental health too, leaving the house to relax and go for a walk is essential;

Reduce sweets
Just a reduction in the consumption of sweets and very sugary foods already visibly reduces the accumulation of liquids in the body, excess sugar is the biggest cause of diabetes, among other health problems;

Eat well in the main meals
Eat well, make a dish that contains carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables and leafy foods. It is no use eating little at the main meals and spending the day hungry;

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