Child Nutrition and behaviour

Posted on by Carolina Capellari Simon

Child Nutrition and behaviour

Today I will talk about a subject that is part of my work routine and I always want to disseminate as a professional and human being. It is impossible to talk about child nutrition without touching this fundamental point that is behaviour.
The eating behaviour has gained attention in the last years, due to the breaking of taboos in talking about eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, binge eating are good examples).
Children are influenced by the environment in which they live and when that environment is unfavourable, it can promote the development of problems such as obesity, lack of appetite, binge eating, for example. The parents' lifestyle and family relationships can have a great influence on food, thus, the family has a decisive role in learning, forming new habits and forming appropriate or inappropriate eating behaviour.
The environment also includes social media (nowadays it is impossible to cite them) that can be positive or very negative for this behaviour formation. Children and teenagers are very influential, so we must always be aware of the content they watch on social media.
I always advise parents to make a self-evaluation of their family habits, and nutritional treatment for the whole family is often necessary. It is also not uncommon to advise parents to seek psychological help to assist them concomitant with the nutritional treatment.
I always say that a good diet, a good environment, trust and the freedom to let your child develop his personality is the greatest legacy that parents can leave.
Always seek help when you feel lost, when your parents' instincts feel that something is wrong they always seek professional help and information.
I am always available to answer any questions.

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