How to make your child eat better?

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How to make your child eat better?

Follow the tips to try to introduce a healthy routine for your children:

Involve the child in the preparation
Ask the children to help you prepare your meal. Always taking care, ask them to wash, separate, mix, cut (for the bigger ones) the food. They feel useful and feel like tasting the food they have prepared themselves;

Create colourful dishes
To create colourful dishes, parents can mix beets, cabbage, carrots, squash, chayote, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, peas, etc. It is important that the child's dish is made with small portions of food;

Involve them in food purchases
Taking children to buy and choose food can become great fun, choosing the most beautiful ones, giving weight, even prices and costs, is really cool and involves them in the process of choosing the foods they will consume;

Set an example
It is not enough to follow the recommendations above and have a diet that is not a model to be followed by the child. Parents need to show the value of healthy eating through their own attitudes;

Various foods and preparations
To have a diet with important nutrients for the child's development, it is necessary to diversify. The menu may include soups, rice with carrots, lasagna with vegetables, cabbage juice or other leaves, baked potato snacks with olive oil or cucumber, tomato, carrot snacks.

For personalized guidance, talk to a maternal and child nutrition specialist

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